A product I conceived, designed and built in partnership with Max McDonnell

With, communicate better with all your contacts by giving your emails the power of conversation. Copy on an email to invite everyone to a private chat.

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Participated in Mashable’s transition to an innovative tech-driven organization with a powerful platform proposition, a SaaS offering and a new monetization strategy.

The team invented and defined a universal metric of social potential of content. We called it Velocity. It became the strategic backbone of the web and mobile user experience, the key differentiator of the advertising offering and more

Current TV

Lead the relaunch of Current TV and ran a product strategy and design team that developed platforms, campaign and worked on reinventing Current TV leading up to the $500 million acquisition of the company by Al Jazeera.

Over a 12 months collaboration, we created the online presence for new shows, supported the launch of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, shaped the network's social strategy and defined a new digital direction for Current TV.

The very wealthy are more global, younger and more savvy than ever before. I worked with entrepreneur and investor David Leppan and his team to invent a global and mobile native brand and developed the business model and product architecture that became is a global lifestyle guide in Mandarin and English offering content and services to the "global mobile elite." We created a brand, designed and built an adaptive platform, collaborated with the Billionaire team to invent a new way to publish both online and in print and created a series of digital solutions (calendar, clipping book, etc.) that will support future services and product offerings.       English  |  Mandarin      English | Mandarin

Best Movies by Farr

BMBF is a niche film publication created and edited by film critic John Farr. John came to Siberia with a few name options and a vision for the site. We developed the brand, UX and UI as well as a custom node.js CMS and third-party API integrations to make movies immediately streamable from the site.